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Victory – Feature

A return to my blog! The unpacking of my song Until and how it evolved.
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Until (feat. Lyndsie Alguire)

“I’ll dream… I’ll ache”
Lyndsie Alguire photo credit:

Until Feature – Remix of “Don’t Cry” from The Learning Days album.

Listen to a stunningly ethereal remix of one of my original songs. Remixed by Montreal musician and producer Lyndsie Alguire –
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Come Together Boys!

“Compromise catches up to the best of us all.”
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Come Together Boys! Feature – Isolated tracks

Listen to just the strings and piano parts that I arranged and recorded for the tune. Cello by Mary Raths.
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“These are the days to live and wander.”
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Annabella Feature – Radio Spot

BBS Segment on ArtBreak